We love our hard-working farmers in our hometown – Highland Provinces

Mutual benefits

With the ambition of becoming the first Company in Vietnam who directly co-operates with farmers to build largest sustainable Organic Peppercorn Growing Area, to support and bring more benefits to our kind-hearted farmers and consumers.

organic technology

In 2015, we invested and co-operated with 4 farmers in Ea H’leo District, Daklak Province, Vietnam; with about 10 hectares of cultivating, estimated volume is 25 tons at the first harvesting crop in 2018; we invested capital, instructed and supported them in the new organic peppercorn cultivation as well as organic conversion.

Long-term Development

In the near future, we are looking forward to further expanding our partnership with many more farmers, meanwhile increasing production and Organic Peppercorn Growing Area. We believe and hope that safe and high quality peppercorns will soon launch to the market.


Mr. Chung

Earal Commune, Ea H’leo District, Daklak Province

Total volume: 7 tons

“I have lived and grown with peppercorns for over 20 years, I love to take care of the peppercorn farm by myself. With a deep knowledge and experience about peppercorns, I know exactly what to do to keep them healthier themselves without using chemicals.”

Mr. Kinh

Earal Commune, Ea H’leo District, Daklak Province

Total volume: 5 tons

“Cultivating and observing my peppercorn farm every day bring me happiness in life. That is why I am always trying my best to make them greener, stronger and healthier day after day to prevent all types of disease.”

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