We’re happy to send you a sample of our beautiful pepper.

Black, white pepper & other seasonings

Organic Pepper

Organic Pepper is grown, harvested and produced strictly under the guidelines of Organic Technology, to deliver safe and high quality products to the market.

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Black Pepper

To produce our black pepper the berries are harvested when they have not yet fully matured. After that, we dry the berries in the sun. As a result, the skin of the berry derives its typical black wrinkled and spherical shape.

White Pepper

To make our white pepper (or pepper skull), we harvest our berries when fully matured, then thoroughly soak them for 7-8 days to remove the outer rim. The final products are usually ivory or gray, smooth skin and more pungent than black pepper.

Vietnamese Spices

Cassia, Turmeric, Star anise, Ginger, Cardamom,…

We’re happy to send you a sample of our beautiful pepper.


About Us


We love Vietnamese spices and we love to promote our high quality products to the world. With passion for our work and a deep understanding of Vietnamese agriculture, our company has experienced a rapid growth in sales since its foundation in 2012.


Our factory is located in the heart of Vietnam’s biggest material zones and we are self-reliant for our resource. Our pepper is sourced from farms in Earal, Ea H’leo, Daklak Province and Namyang, Dakdoa, Gia Lai Province.


We are committed to offer pepper which meets international standards, while eliminating middlemen to fully control the quality of the pepper from the farm to the market. One of the ways we ensure consistent high quality is by offering fair trade to farmers.



over 20 hectares in 2019


over 50 hectares in 2020



over 200 hectares in 2019


over 500 hectares in 2020

Core Values


We are passionate about our business and our spices.


It is vital for us that our peppercorns are free of pesticide.


We are committed to be transparent, honest and reliable.

People focus

We focus on satisfying our clients, growing our team spirit and enhancing the quality of life for our people.


Welcome to
Our Farm

Our farm is located in the picturesque areas in Gia Lai province. The farms lies on an average altitude of 700-800m above sea level, under the tropical monsoon climate and ideal for pepper trees. The soil in this region is fertile, rich in organic minerals and porous with especially good drainage. This is a new area for pepper cultivation and it is free from pests and diseases. Pepper trees grow strong here; and the peppercorn’s aroma and taste are wonderful.

We love the kids

Providing welfare projects in health and education for the children of our neighboring villages is a wonderful way to give back to the communities that support us!

My journey…

In 2012 I started to look for areas where I could find raw pepper grown in a sustainable manner. My search took me all over the diverse countrysides of Vietnam, but I ended up close to my childhood home, in the communes of Nam Yang, at the end of the Dak Doa district, in the Central Highlands.

When we approached the people and became close to the community we began to understand their habits and practices. Together we began to share knowledge on pepper, especially on creating sustainable growing areas. Today we have joint programs for 50-hectares that meet the Global Gap standards for nearly 30 households.

We love our pepper…

It is an ongoing effort to regularly product-test the pepper. We work to ensure crops meet and exceed the threshold standards for plant protection drugs, permitted by the Australian and Asian markets. Fortunately the area we work in is pristine and free of diseases – and we are vigilant to keep it that way!

With sustainable materials fully meeting rigorous standards, we deliver the product to hard to reach markets, and the market is expanding every day because the world wants clean pepper that is non-pesticide, sustainably grown and that provides a fair living for the local farmers.

We love our farmers…

We always stand by the farmers we partner with, we work together to develop their crops, we enjoy advantages in cost savings and we give them a fair price for their quality product.

We are committed to grow areas of sustainable raw materials, and to act as a bridge between farmers and consumers – the farmers who provide these beautiful products and the customers from all over the world who demand it.

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We’re happy to send you a sample of our beautiful pepper.


96 road no.6, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam


+84 988 286565

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Ea H’leo District, Daklak Province, Vietnam
Nam Yang, Dak Doa District, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam



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